Purpose of the Association

The purposes of the assocation shall be as follows:

Section 1: To promote interaction between the association and the governmental and business entities.

Section 2: To gather and disseminate accurate information pertaining to the foundation repair industry.

Section 3: To effectively represent the member companies in amending laws, rules, regulations, policies, and specifications that are or may be established by municipal, state, or federal agencies.

Section 4: To assist governmental agencies with input regarding changes in laws, rules, regulations, policies and specifications.

Section 5: To assist governmental agencies and the public by providing education information in the form of seminars, publications, or other media. To generally become a resource of technical assistance and information to various agencies both public and private.

Section 6: To promote compliance with legislation in the areas of Workman's Compensation or insurance covering injuries to employees.

Section 7: To promote work opportunities for all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin.

Section 8: Recognizing that there are several acceptable methods of foundation repair and drainage correction and alteration, the association shall promote free enterprise and shall prohibit its members from entering into any agreements whether written or oral that would limit production, fix prices, or suppress competition in any manner.

Section 9: To promote the identity of the association and to develop an image of integrity and respect within the community.

Section 10: To promote a better understanding and more friendly relations among members of the association.

Section 11: To promote and encourage binding arbitration to resolve disputes between members.

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