The National Foundation Repair Association regards the “Specialist Credential” as going beyond the normal standards of field work competency. Applicants sit for a 3 hour 150 question exam whereas a foundation repair field applicant is taken through many phases of common and critical thinking on foundation repair questions and circumstances using their practical experience and knowledge. Applicants are given specific “circumstances and solves” where they then demonstrate and convey their specific knowledge and skills to complete the tasks of the event given on test questions. By foundation standards the certification test is a “benchmark of credibility within the industry” that the person performing your work is specifically qualified and trained to repair foundations using quality specific work knowledge. This is a rigid test and passing this test has proven to be difficult for most first time applicant attempts. The National Foundation Repair Association has given these successful applicants a specific location on the NFRA HOME PAGE website. While not all of our NCFRS candidates are located in your specific area we are growing this credential to be common soon in all areas of the U.S.


National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist Information

The purpose of the NFRA certification program is to identify and promote those in the industry who have shown superior knowledge in the industry and a dedication to the ideals of the NFRA. Qualifications for admission to take the certification test are rigorous as are the requirements to maintain one's designation as a National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist®. Criteria for admission to sit for the test are as follows:

  1. Two years experience in the industry in either foundation evaluation, estimating or field supervision.
  2. Continued employment by an NFRA member.
  3. Proof of moral good standing.

To apply, the individual must complete the certification application. Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed by the certification committee to verify that the individual qualifies to sit for the examination. Upon successful review, the applicant is mailed their library of material for study. The test is offered twice each year. All applicants will be notified in sufficient time to make their travel plans. The cost and maintenance of certification is stringent as the purpose of this program is to recognize only those with a profound dedication to the industry and a commitment to continuing professional education. The cost to apply for the examination is $500. Annual renewal fee is $50. The test consists of over 150 questions covering the various topics covered by the library of material sent to the applicant. The applicant must score a 75% to pass the test. Upon successful completion of the certification examination, the applicant receives their designation as a NationalCertified Foundation Repair Specialist®. To maintain their designation as a National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist®, they must do the following:

  1. Provide proof of at least 8 hours of continuing professional education each year.
  2. Maintain employment with an NFRA member.

To apply by Mail or Fax, down load and complete the application below. The registration fee must accompany the application. Become a National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist®. Show you are a cut above the rest!

National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist® Application- PDF