NFRA President Dan Jaggers, NCFRS      

Let me say, that the National Foundation Repair Association (NFRA) is a very successful organization due to the large variety of member companies, networking with our association. Our companies share at educational conferences and show the willingness to share and cross-train ideas with all members of NFRA. We are a dynamic learning organization with basement companies, pier and beam companies, and companies using foundation raising methods, pressed piers and a various methods of products used in the industry because our industry is always evolving educationally. Foundation soils are simply different in all regions of every state, as they shift and heave and expand and shrink with wet and dry conditions. So, it is the educational components of NFRA that keep our members current.

Our association charter is to educate and provide a solid foundation from which our members are supported both educationally and professionally as companies. The NFRA will not except just any company that applies. We could easily double our membership if we wished to go that path. We don’t! The NFRA would rather choose companies with great track records, high moral standards and ethics, and remove any company in our membership who becomes a consistent blemish to our organization or creates serious problems for the consumer vs. making their lives better. NFRA looks for companies that receive praise for their outstanding quality of the work performed and is willing to maintain customers versus looking at them as one time jobs. The essence of a National Foundation Repair Association is quality workmanship every time… and strive to maintain a history of satisfied customers.
Our bond with the consumer is when they contact NFRA Members they are:

  1. ) assured of quality workmanship, fair pricing for the job at hand

  2. ) that consumers have the knowledge that we as an association have vetted our members in numerous ways before they become members


  4. ) and that consumers can count on their money is going to be well spent when they use or get recommended to an NFRA Member in their area

There are plenty of fly–by–night companies that know just how to underbid quality NFRA companies and that is their ploy so, we receive many calls and hear about bad result stories all the time from these types of companies. These bad actors is exactly why… the NFRA was created as our effort to weed-out the bad actors before the consumer gets burned. NFRA promotes all the qualities above and that is what stands NFRA apart as professionals in the foundation repair business all over the U.S.

Join or call the National Foundation Repair Association if you value our standards of business ethics and join our team!

Dan Jaggers
NFRA President